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Other complications of cialis therapy are swelling of the lower extremities. But such a manifestation, like vision problems, goes away on its own. Swelling of the legs occurs due to water and salt retention, which develops after insulin injections. However, over time, the body adapts to the treatment, so it stops accumulating fluid.

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Therefore, there is no need to interrupt therapy. By analogy with the initial stage of therapy in patients, blood pressure may increase. Also, against the background of insulin therapy, some diabetics gain weight. On average, patients recover by 3-5 kilograms.

After all, hormonal treatment activates lipogenesis (the process of tadalafil) and adds appetite. In this case, the patient needs to change the diet, in particular, its calorie content and frequency of meals.

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Prevention of development of complications. To eliminate the risk of symptoms of insulin therapy, every diabetic should learn self-monitoring techniques. This offer includes the following rules: Constant monitoring of the detection of foci in the blood, especially after eating. Comparison of indicators with atypical conditions (physical, emotional stress, sudden illness, etc.). timely correction of the dose of insulin, antidiabetic drugs and diet.

In addition, the constant introduction of insulin reduces the content of potassium in the blood. This problem can be solved with the help of special diets. To this end, the daily menu of diabetes happens to be replete with citrus fruits, berries (currants, strawberries), herbs (parsley) and vegetables (cabbage, radishes, onions).

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To measure the effect, test strips or a glucometer are turned on. The level of determination using test strips is determined as follows: a piece of paper is immersed in urine, and then the test field is affected, the color of which changes depending on the sugar.

Most results can be obtained from a collection of stripes using a field.
However, a blood test is a more effective method for determining sugar levels.
Therefore, for most diabetics, a glucometer is used. This device is like this: on the indicator plate to change a drop of blood.

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Then after a couple of seconds on the digital display the result. It should be taken into account that glycemia for different devices may be different. Also, so that insulin therapy is not accompanied by the development of complications, a diabetic should carefully monitor their own body weight. You can find out if you are overweight by determining the Kegle index or body weight. Side effects of insulin therapy are discussed in the video in this article. diabetic.

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Insulin resistance - a condition characterized by an increase in the frequency of insulin as a result of a weakening of its hypoglycemic effect in response to a request for the need for the body's needs.

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Insulin resistance can be relative or absolute. Under relative insulin resistance, the need for insulin is increased, associated with inadequate insulin therapy and diet. The dose of insulin in this case, as a rule, does not exceed 100 IU / day. Absolute insulin resistance may be due to the presence of:

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In order to develop insulin resistance, it is necessary to take possible food allergens from the diet; strict adherence to the diet and mode of physical activity, careful sanitation of foci of infection.

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Hemosorption, peritoneal dialysis, the introduction of small doses of glucocorticoids together with insulin, the appointment of immunomodulators can be caused by insulin resistance.
Allergy to insulin is most often associated with the presence of protein impurities with pronounced antigenic activity in insulin preparations. In patients with frequent allergic reactions in patients receiving them, there is a high incidence of allergic reactions in patients. cause local (local) and general (generalized) reactions to insulin.

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An immediate type reaction develops immediately after insulin administration and is manifested by erythema, burning, swelling and gradual transformation of the skin into the injection site. These effects intensify within 6-8 hours and are fixed for several days. This is the most common form of an allergic reaction to insulin administration.

Sometimes with intradermal administration of insulin, the development of so-called anaphylaxis (Arthus phenomenon) is possible, when edema and severe hyperemia are observed at the injection site after 1-8 cialis pills. Over the next few hours, swelling increases, the inflammatory focus thickens, the skin in this area acquires a black and red color.